Daily trade setup for 21st may

  1. Yesterday was a wonderful short covering rally. The exit polls laid the foundation for the rally.
  2. Highest 1 day gain for a long time. Highest single gain day in banknifty.
  3. Nifty rallied 421 points and banknifty 1309 points. VIX, as expected, has fallen to 23.
  4. Reliance, Yes bank where huge shorts were created started with a bang and continued. 
  5. It was obvious that if BJP led govt then Reliance, adani group stocks would rally. It is a no brainer.
  6. One more important to note that Bitcoin is gaining momentum gradually. It surged 50% in the last one month. I am planning to buy some as a long term investment plan. 
  7. It is only our market which is rallying because of domestic event. Global markets are down.
  8. Nasdaq down 1.5% yesterday. Europe was down 1.5% yesterday. 
  9. Today Asia is also down. SGX is 20 points up.
  10. As we had a super rally yesterday, I expect things to cool down little today. We may be in a flat terrain on the positive side. Nifty may be from +30 to +50 points.
  11. $ now at 69.7. It fell close to 0.5 yesterday. 
  12. Trade war between US and China escalates again.
  13. Yesterday FII bought 1734cr and DII sold 542cr. After a long time, FII has now turned buyers. Thanks to exit polls.
  14. Yesterday tata motors results were out. Today Bosch, Tech Mahindra are coming with earnings. 
  15. This week results, $, FII, none of these matters. It will be just MODI MODI and MODI.
  16. My positions are all in green. Now the uptrend looks intact. We may cross 12k very soon. 
  17. So my positions are now more inclined to the upside.
  18. Saying that !!  exit polls have been proved wrong many times. So make sure your system is ready for surprises. 
  19. Yesterday I bought 3 lots of bajajfinance futures. Expecting it to make good move in coming days.