Daily trade setup for 22nd may 2019

  1. We are having 24 hours for the election result to be announced. 
  2. Yesterday nifty made an all-time high again and fell again. I never expected it to fall so much. So I started closing my positions gradually in the day. I still have positions which I am expecting to grow tomorrow.
  3. Yesterday Nasdaq was up by 1%. Europe also closed in green.
  4. Asia is in green. SGX is indicating a flat start.
  5. FII bought 1185cr and DII sold for 1090 cr.
  6. I personally feel now that the nifty and banknifty are priced in for the election news. If BJP fails to get a majority then we may expect nifty to fall tomorrow. The best trade now is not to trade. Maybe I may close most of my positions today. Will keep my positions low for tomorrow.
  7. Markets always work on expectations vs reality formula. Last time not many expected BJP to get a clear majority. Markets were surprised and rallied on the upside.
  8. This time markets are expecting a clear majority for the BJP like the last time. In case if they fail to get that then markets will again be surprised and may fall significantly.
  9. So identifying the direction now is not an easy task.
  10. I fell that BJP will get a clear majority and nifty will break on the upside. So my trades will be on the bullish side. My positions will be low and my hedges will be in place to protect me if the market has to surprise us.
  11. Adani groups, Reliance groups, PSU banks are all rallying now as expected. 
  12. Bank of Baroda, can bank, indusind bank are coming with results today.
  13. 2nd half of today will be interesting to watch.. lets see..