Daily trade setup for 31st may

My trades
  1. Had sold nifty futures day before yesterday. Yesterday I covered it with a good profit.
  2. Yesterday was expiry day, Was able to make around 87 thousand.
  3. My equity holding is also in good profit as of now.
  4. I will be buying on every dip. I rolled over yes bank futures. Added more and also bought 130 pe to hedge the yes bank trade.
  5. My account migration is still in progress. So not able to take more positions. 
International market
  1. Yesterday Nasdaq was up +0.27%. Europe was also up by +0.5%
  2. Today Asian markets are mixed. Nikkei is down, Hangseng is flat. SGX is mildly positive.
  3. Yesterday MODI took the oath for his second term. Piyush goyal maybe the finance minister.
  4. Trump said that China is suffering due to tariff hikes. He also imposed upto 25% tariff on Mexico
Crude and $
  1. Modi seems to be lucky for India and crude. 
  2. Yesterday crude fell to be more than 2%.
  3. USD is now at 69.87.
  4. So today oil marketing companies like ONGC, HPCL, BPCL will rally. So we can think of having a trade in that.
FII and DII data
  1. Yesterday FII bought for 1664 cr and DII sold for 1122 cr.
  2. So FII has again started to buy which is good.
  3. But confirmation will come once it crosses 12000. Let's wait and see if RBI policy provides that boost.
  1. India GDP Growth Rate YoY will be there today. But that will be after the market hours. It is expected to be around 6.1%