Daity trade setup for 13th may 2019

Yesterdays IPL finals was interesting where the match went to last ball and Mumbai indians won.
Coming to markets
  1. We have had a bad week last week. Markets are falling continiously for 8 days.
  2. Trade uncertainity is there as trade wars persist between US and China.
  3. US markets ended higher on friday. 
  4. Uber IPO was launched in US and it was a flop as it opened downside.
  5. The asia is in mild red today. SGX indicates that the opening can be slightly negative.
  6. European and US futures show 1% red.
  7. So we can expect markets to be red.
  8. Europe opened in good green but later closed almost in flat range.
  9. HDFC, ktk bank, just dial, ITC, Vodafone idea will be announcing results today.
  10. There may be a trade in ITC. Will take a call after market opens.
  11. We have election results in few days. I am bullish in the Indian market. I may be wrong. I always trade with my hedges in place.
  12. Strong short covering will be there if there are even slight improvement in the trade talks between US and China.
  13. I am planing to buy nifty futures around 11200 and carry till expiry.
  14. March IIP data is down and it is slightly disappointing.
  15. Tata steel and some European steel called off the JV. So some volatility may be on the tata steel. Anyway, I am not planning for any trade in this.
  16. FII sold 1245 cr in cash markets and DII bought for 1057 cr on frday
  17. FII sold only 5000 cr in this month and market fell by 600 points.. Last month FII bought 40000 cr and market went up by only 1000 points.
  18.  Weekly nifty ATM straddle at 200rs premium. So I executed a short straddle for this weekly expiry.
  19. I personally feel that 11200 is the strong support. Lets see.
  20. Reliance is down 10% from its high of around 1400.
  21. I am having huge positions in this in futures, options and also in cash. Currently the entire trade is in good profit. Will exit derivatives and will carry cash positions for long term.