Daily trade setup for 6th june

My trades

  1. The call spread which was bought is in good profit. But it will go down today as SGX indicates a mild start
  2. Will wait till this week if 12000 is held. 
  3. Will initiate more trades in the next week.
International market
  1. We were on a trading holiday yesterday.
  2. The US performed well yesterday and day before yesterday. Nasdaq was up by more than 1% day before yesterday and was up by 0.64% yesterday.
  3. US is rising due to rate cut hopes.
  4. Europe also closed in the mild green yesterday.
  5. Today Asia is in mild green. But SGX indicates that we may open in the red.
  6. Trump is putting more pressure on Mexico and has promised a big deal to UK if they are out of EU.
Crude and $
  1. Oil is now entered the bear market. Brent crude is now at $60.
  2. This is very good for emerging markets like India. 
  3. USD-INR is now at 69.25. IT and pharma will be in pressure if the fall continues.
FII and DII data
  1. FII bought for 416cr and DII sold for 355cr.
  1. Today we have RBI policy. Let's see if the policy helps nifty to stay above 12000. 
  2. Will initiate more trades if 12000 is held.