Expiry trade highlights on june 27th

Was able to make 1lak profit today. Today was a very volatile day. At one point my MTM was in loss of 80 thousand. Added more legs and finally ended with 1 lakh profit. I would have been happy even if I had just ended in breakeven

Today was monthly expiry. 
My terminal stopped working at 9am as pre-market started. Had to call the broker as I had huge positions which I had carried. I logged in to web terminal. This was the first time I operated the web terminal and it is pathetic. I had to call my clients as well as I was not aware of their web terminal credentials. Some clients did not receive the call and unfortunately, the positions in their account were in danger zone.

Finally, the terminal issue was fixed by 10 am and was able to login to all clients. Luckily no major knee jerk action happened till then and I was back in the driver seat.

It was a clear trending day till 1:30 pm. I added my positions as the day progressed. Then the expiry day game started and nifty fell 100 points in half an hour and banknifty fell 300 points in half an hour.
When my support was broken, I immediately bought puts and closed some future positions in mild green. By this time, my MTM was is deep red.

But things did not stop there. At 2:10 pm, banknifty started rallying on the upside and moved by 300 points. Now my puts which I had bought were in loss. But the futures and the calls that I had bought were in good profit. The overall MTM was still in the green.

Things did not stop there. There was a strong downside movement at 3 pm which made banknifty fall 200 point and nifty fell 60 points. By now all were positions were in the green.