Trade setup for 12th June

Today I am in a hurry to write this blog as I have some personal work to rush for. So I might miss a lot of things.
  1. IIP and CPI data is expected to be lower than its previous months.
  2. This is expected as the auto industry has shown signs that the growth will be slow. 
  3. I believe that the industry provides a sign of slowing auto growth. Because, when people income or money reduces they cut luxury items like cars etc. They don't reduce eating or toothpaste or soap.
  4. US ended in flat. Europe closed in green.
  5. Asia is lower. SGX is 25 points down.
  6. The next trigger for markets will be budget and G20 meet where trump and Xi are planning to meet.
  7. FII bought for 95cr and DII sold for 151 cr.
  8. So expect consolidation for more time. Markets are in no hurry to break 12000.
  9. Crude is falling again. Yesterday it was down by 1%.
  10. This is also another indicator that the world economy is slowing.