Trade setup for 21st june

  1. Today is international yoga day. I feel health is a bigger wealth than money. If you are not happy with what you have today, then you will never be happy even if you have 100 billion $.
  2. The priority in life should be peaceful mind, health and then wealth.
  3. So make sure you have a healthier life by practising yoga.
  4. Yesterday was a weekly expiry day. It was a huge trending day. I was able to make around 1 lak profit intraday.
  5. Markets fell for the first hour and then the trend just went on. Huge short covering came and scared the bears.
  6. The positive sentiments are back. Now all analysts are betting on moving above 12,000
  7. Need to wait and see whether this sustains.
  8. Yesterday Jet airways doubled in 10 minutes as NCLT agrees to resolve jet issue under insolvency code.
  9. UPL fell around 10% due to some small irrelevant issue. I am observing this closely. Will enter in cash market if the fall has no follow through.
International market
  1. Yesterday the US markets closed in green. It was up almost 1%.
  2. Europe also closed in green. It was up by 0.3% up.
  3. Today morning Asia is flat. Nikkei which opened in green is now in mild red.
  4. SGX indicates that we might open in a flat to negative territory.
Crude and $
  1. Crude is now rallying as there is some tension between the US and Iran.
  2. It is now trading at $64. It is now out of the bear market. We need to wait and watch if this continues.\
  3. $ is now at 69.44. 
  4. $ fall will be an issue for IT and pharma.
FII and DII data
  1. FII sold 438cr yesterday in such a trending market.
  2. DII bought for 1241cr.
  3. Is it something we need to watch closely that FII has sold even when we had a trending day?? Its a million dollar question.