Trade setup for 28th june

  1. Yesterday was a good expiry. I am happy the way I managed the volatility. Was able to make 1 lakh profit. 
  2. Yesterday, expiry day movement was so huge and volatile that at some point it looked that 12000 would be crossed yesterday. But finally, markets closed in a flat zone.  
  3. Surprisingly, India Vix was down. Are you serious??
  4. Vix falling gives you an indicator that we are in a bull market. Let's see what July series has to provide.
  5. Now all eyes on G20 meeting where Trump and Xi will be meeting this weekend.
  6. Then we have a budget. All are expecting stimulus for the auto sector, real estate sector etc
  1.  Markets are giving confusing signals to me right now. Will wait for some time to get clarity.
  2. Last week I thought it is heading down. Now I feel that it is heading for a breakout.
  3. My positions are low for now. Will add trades accordingly after the budget.
  4. I am slowly adding positions in autos. Bought Maruti, Tata motors in cash. 
  5. Now goair is also planning for an IPO. It's my gut feeling that jet airways may not go the Kingfisher way. I bought some shares in a jet as well. It's a high risk- high reward trade. I don't mind losing the entire money as well. Now jet is also out of FNO. So not much volatility will be there in this.
  1. Yesterday the US markets were mixed. Nasdaq was up by 0.75% but dow was flat.
  2. Europe ended in flat zone.
  3. Today morning Asia is in red. Nikkei, hang Seng is down by 0.5%
  4. SGX suggests that we may start in red. But nowadays SGX is not reliable as it used to be.
  1. $ is at 69 and is falling bit by bit on a daily basis. 
  2. Crude has again started to fall. Lets see if this fall continues
  3. Falling crude, falling $ is good for India. These indicators suggest that we may break 120000.
FII and DII data
  1. FII sold for 0.71 cr. ha ha ha. On such a volatile day. FII sold only 0.71cr at the end of the day
  2. DII bought for 196cr.