Trade setup for the day 14th June

  1. Yesterday was a good expiry day. Was able to make 80 thousand plus in intraday.
  2.  Yesterday nifty and banknifty opened weakly. Later indiabull hsg finance came with the news and then banknifty rallied and closed in green.
  3. Yes bank fell 13% due to the downgrade by many organization and the resignation of one of the board member.
  4. Indusind bank fell 5% due to their exposure to the NBFC's
My trades

  1. Closed some of my yes bank cash position in loss. Thank god that this fall didn't come yesterday. I would be in great loss if this would have happened yesterday.
  2. I got some time and room yesterday to make some hedges. I had bought a few lots of puts yesterday which gave a good profit. But still, the overall yes bank trade is in the loss.
  3. Will exit if this continues. Sometimes it is better to exit in loss and move on rather than hanging around beaten down stocks.
International market
  1. Yesterday the US market closed in the green and gained +0.57%
  2. Europe also closed in the mild green.
  3. Today morning Asia is mixed and most are in flat to negative.
  4. SGX suggests that we may open in mild red.
  5. As expected, 12000 is tough resistance. The more we stay within 12000, the better will me the rally once the breakout happens. I am personally expecting nifty to stay within 12000 for this month. I may be proved wrong.
Crude and $
  1. Now crude is rising as some oil tankers were shot in Oman sea. 
  2. The US blames Iran for this.
  3. Need to see if this escalates. Oil is in the bear territory. The entire gulf which is dependent on oil will be in trouble if this continues.
  4. So war will make sure that the oil price increases. So they will take sides in war-prone countries like India-Pak etc.
  5. There is more downfall in crude if this doesn't escalate.
  6. Crude is now at $61.
FII and DII data
  1. Yesteraday FII bought for 172cr and DII sold for 444 cr.
  2. Not much buying and selling happening at the FII side.
  3. Maybe they are waiting for the budget data.