1. Yesterday the markets were very volatile. Nifty swung from red to green many times in the day.
  2. US fed is expected to cut rates tomorrow. That is the expectation.
  3. Trump tweeted that he and China's president would have an extended meeting at G20 next week.
  4. Trump told that he did have a phone call with the Xi and confirmed that.
  5. Now all eyes on the US fed and our budget.
My Trades
  1. Yesterday made some losses in the intraday trade. The loss was around 22,000. Was not able to manage so many intraday swings.
  2. Added more positions in the cash market and reduced the hedges in the yes bank trade. I don't think that yes bank will fall further from here.

International market
  1. Yesterday US markets closed in the green after trump and XI decided to meet.
  2. Europe also closed in dark green. They were up by around 2%
  3. Today morning, Nikkei, hangseng are all in green.
  4. SGX suggests that we may have 50-60 points up.
  5. Now it looks like the bears are going to be trapped.
Crude and $
  1. $ is now at 69.70. 
  2. Crude has now crossed $62 per barrel. US weekly stocks and tension in west asia is making crude to rise.
  3. It is now getting momentum.
FII and DII data
  1. FII bought for 32cr and DII bought for 181 cr.
  2. So not much buying yesterday as the volatility suggested.