Expiry trade on 18th july

  1. Today was a good day. I was able to make 68 thousand profit. 
  2. Today was a critical day to trade. I say it was critical because the put premiums didn't increase as it was supposed to increase. The reason things didn't increase is because of low VIX. 
  3. As I had told in my daily blog post that premiums will be low and trading, as usual, will be difficult.
  4. The open-high strategy did work in today's session.
  5. Banknifty opened at 30700 and it fell within a few minutes. The fall was evident and there was no bottom fishing that happened. Every rise was sold into.
  6. Today most of my trades were in banknifty and I didn't trade much in nifty.
  7. The same thing happened with nifty as well. At one point between 10:15am  to 11:00 am nifty did touch the open price and it looked that nifty would trend on the upside. 
  8. When this spike happened, I had to close some of my positions in loss and I changed my view to be bullish. I was gradually building on my bullish positions.
  9. But the recovery was sold into. The fall in 1:30 gave me confirmation that the market was heading for a downfall. So I closed almost all bullish position and started selling aggressively in futures, bought puts in banknifty (obviously with hedges).
  10. Banknifty was in clear downfall. There was no signs of recovery. There were some minor spikes but they were all sold into.
  11. At 2:30 the expiry trades began and the market took a direction which was downwards. 
  12. Finally, I closed the day with 68 thousand rupee profit.