1. ISRO successfully launched the chandrayana-2 yesterday. A proud moment for all Indians.
  2. Coming to markets, we had another blood bath day. 
  3. Nifty fell 75 points and banknifty fell 485 points. The main culprit for banknifty to fall is none other than HDFC bank. The results were not taken positively by the market.
  4. Reliance gained almost 2.5% per cent. Initially, reliance was in red and nifty had fallen more than 100 points. In the second half, reliance gained and became positive.
  5. Yesterday fall was due to some blue chip stocks. Otherwie the markets were good. 
  6. So I expect some recovery from now. If yesterday low is taken out then I will increase my shorts.
  1. No much trades were done yesterday. I had put all my hedges in place day before yesterday and I was just watching the fun which was happening in the market.
  2. My portfolio was mixed. Reliance gave good return but B2H2 gave loss. But thats ok. I still have a lot of room in those two.
  1. Yesterday nasdaq closed in green.
  2. Europe was also in green.
  3. Today Asia is also in green
  4. SGX indicates that we may open in mild green. 
  1. Now FII have started selling heavily. This was the thing which was my concern for a long time. Yesterday they have sold 1900 cr and DII bought for 1800 odd cr.