My trading statement from JAN 2019 to July 2019

I was initially with HDFC securities, then I moved to Zerodha. Then on 11th November 2018, I moved to kotak securities. Then on May 22 2019, I moved to Now I am with IIFL. Very soon, maybe august mid I will be moving to IIFL. The process is still happening.

We have another few days for filing the IT return. Most probably the date will be extended as every year. So I am consolidating all to give things to my CA.

In this blog, I will be posting my account statement from 11th November as I have closed my Zerodha and HDFC securities account. There is no way for me to get ledger from them. I had posted some of the glimpses on twitter, facebook. Some told me that it is fake, edited etc. I have given them an open challenge. If they can prove that this is fake then I will give them 1 lakh. If they fail to prove then they must give me Rs 5000. I will cooperate in full with them. They can come to my place and I can download the report in front of them. In fact, I had conducted a FREE workshop in Bangalore some time back where I showed them my report by downloading from the broker terminal. I am sure there were IT professionals in the crowd. They would have picked it if it were to be fake.

The reason why I am posting all these is that many complained that I am a trainer and I have no knowledge of trading. They claim that my income from trading is negligible and my major source is from training. I do not know the problem even if that is the case. If a person knows how to earn Rs 500 consistently and if he teaches that method to 1000 people and by teaching if he is making 1 lakh then what is the problem. Is there any rule that your trading income should be more than your training income. Currently, my trading income is more than my training income but I do have plans to scale that and tomorrow it might be more than my trading income. What is wrong in that??
My sincere request to all those whose thinking is like that. Please change your thinking. This mentality will only take you backwards. You do not want to buy the product/service just because the other party makes money is cheap thinking according to me. Please let me know your opinion in the comment below.

Some even asked me to show my ITR. My ITR is not a replica of my trading account. I have various other sources of income as well. I believe that in any business, earning money is not an easy task. One should not only concentrate on earning but also should concentrate on saving what he earns. If earning is one side of the coin then saving is another side which takes equal priority. If you are earning 1cr in the business and if you are paying 30lakh tax then you are a person who knows to earn but not to save. I am not asking to evade tax. Earning from the stock market is totally white. There is no place for the black transaction(at least I do not know). We all have to pay our taxes, but there are ways by which we can save some part of it. Again there is a lot of difference in saving and evading and I take steps as suggested by my CA to save and not evade. As individuals, it might be difficult but as a company or LLP, there are ways to do it. Please consult a good CA to get more details as my knowledge in this vertical is limited.

Just to summarize my trading statement, at the starting of the year i.e Jan 1st 2019, the account value was 58.2 lakh. As of today i.e July 28th 2019, the account value stands at 87.6 lakh. Now you can calculate the ROI, ROCE etc etc because I do not calculate nor believe in all those numbers.

The ledgers are in the below blog as it was too big to fit in this.


  1. Hi vinayak.. This someshwar from hyd. No need to convince the people who criticize as fake trading income.. Or training income is more than trading income.. If you can educate a layman to earn few bucks it's great thing. I think you are doing honest job in traing than most commercial people in the market. My advice is you select a one person who has no knowledge about trading and teach him your methods and make him happy with his trading income. Then show that person to world..


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