Trade setup for 15th july

  1. I was busy for the last 4 days so could not updater the blog regularly. 
  2. I thought I will update the expiry day trades over the weekend, but couldn't do that as well.
  3. Anyway, yesterday's world cup had a nail-biting finish. The match ended in a super over and finally, England won. Kane Williamson did everything but luck didn't favour them.
  4. Finally, England won their first world cup.
  5. Coming to markets, we had a bad volatile day on Friday. 
  6. Markets opened in mild red. Started moving up and it looked like we would close in green but then in the last hour there was huge selling and markets closed in the red.
  7. Infosys came with its Q1 results and it was better than expected. Infy ADR is up by 6%.
  8. Today we might have a trade in the Infosys if it opens like ADR. 😉
  9. Reports say that there might be some relief to the FPI surcharge. This will definitely be a good news to the markets and I am sure it will be respected if it happens.
  1. There was a mistaken trade which I had executed on Thursday. I wanted to buy 30600pe, but instead, I bought 30600ce. 
  2. But luckily, when markets opened and banknifty traded in green, I closed my trade in profit.
  3. In the morning, it was in a loss. In the noon when banknifty was in green, this was in green and I closed it in profit.
  1. On Friday, Nasdaq closed in green and it gained 48 points and Dow gained 243 points.
  2. Europe closed flat.
  3. Today Asia is trading in flat territory. SGX was in red in the morning. Now it is up by 25 points.
  4. Asian markets which were in negative are now in positive. So we might get a good start.
  1. $ is now trading at 68.68 rupee
  2. Crude is now trading at 66.48.
FII and DII data
  1. FII sold at 840cr and DII bought for 940cr
  2. FII have been net sellers for a few days. We needed some triggers for them to reverse. Let's see if Q1 earnings (especially infy) provides trigger today.