Expiry day highlights 14th August 2019

Today was a good expiry. I was able to make 2 lak 64 thousand. On an intraday, I was able to make 1lak 45 thousand. Rest was positional. 
Based on the various analysis, I was pretty sure that the markets would be in the green today. I took a bullish view today and added positions as the day progressed.
I added positions before the markets opened. By 10 the markets collapsed and at one point it looked that yesterday's fall would continue. I didn't panic as the volume induced was less. At 10 am the short-covering rally began and nifty gained 100 points in half an hour. H2B2, reliance, Yes Bank, ICICI bank all started gaining. So the small position started giving profit. It was a clear trending day and I added more to the long position. I bought nifty and banknifty futures. I also bought good quantity of 28000 ce. At 10:30 - 10:45am, the RSI was above 70 in the 3min chart which I follow. So I closed all the positions which I was taken in wonderful profit. Then I waited for the market to take further direction. I did not trade till 12 as I was not aware of the direction. At 12 the markets started collapsing and I got a bearish signal in my charts. I started taking bearish positions and I was deploying funds in incremental order. By 1pm I realised that the bearish signal was a false signal from the indicators and so I added some counter trades to my existing trades. By 1:30 it was clear that the markets were in no mood to come down. So I added more to the bullish trade. I was aware that the last hour of trade would be critical. So I added SL to all the orders which I had taken. At 2:30pm, the last hour move began and it was in the downside. SL of some positions was triggered. But most of the SL that were triggered was in profits. By 3 pm all my positions were in good profit.