Expiry trade highlights

I was able to make 1.46 lak profit in today's trade. It includes both positional and intraday. My Intraday profit was almost 85 thousand. Rest in positional. Today was a really difficult day to trade.

Banknifty and nifty opened in green and went to red in a few minutes. I was bullish. I had positions which I had carried from yesterday. They were in mild loss then. But by seeing the first 15 minutes of trade, I was convinced that the fall will be huge. So I started deploying money taking a bearish view. But things changed at 9:45. But luckily the amount which was deployed was not more. By 10:15 markets were in green and I had to do a lot of adjustments for the trade which I did. Markets were on sideways till 2:20. Then there was a news that govt has removed the surcharge on FPI. I do not know if that news triggered or was it expiry short covering. But the market rally started. I had to close some of my position in loss and I then changed my view to be bullish. I added a fresh position on the long side and had kept my fingers crossed as I didn't want it to reverse. Finally, I was able to come out in profit.