Expiry day highlights

Today was a good expiry day. I was able to make 1lak+ profit intraday. I was bullish yesterday, so I had carried few nifty future position from yesterday. The volumes were small so  I did not worry so much. Today morning the global markets were suggesting a bad opening. When markets opened, I bought few ATM banknifty and nifty puts. The direction of the markets were clear and there was no point in trying on the bullish side which I usually do. It was a clear downside day. It was a very simple day to trade as markets were not as volatile as it used to be. The trend and the direction was decided and market just followed it. As it fell, the butterfly's which I had executed yesterday were also in trouble. So I had to do some adjustments which was necessary. I executed some counter trades and the market gave me 1lak profit at the end of the day.