Trade setup for the day

Yesterday was another bad day. The FII have decided not to buy and keep selling so that the govt takes some immediate steps. All news is now sounding like bad news. Bank merger didn't enthuse the market. GDP data was bad. US-China trade wars are escalating. Yesterday Deepak Parekh told that the slowdown is short term.


  1. I got a trigger from my charts that the fall can be freezed. So I bought 10 lots of nifty 11000ce for the September month.
  2. I feel that some recover might come and I am hoping of getting 10% in the above trade. If the fall continues then I will exit in a loss.
  3. I also executed a put spread in Reliance and HDFC. I am ready to take delivery if it comes down to my level.
  1. Trump gives some details of a trade deal with China then you cannot expect the US market to be silent. That happened yesterday and it lost 1%.
  2. European markets also fell and lost around 0.5%.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in green. SGX suggests that we are going to open in green.
FII and DII data
  1. FII sold 2016 cr and DII bought for 1251 cr
  2. We don't know how much can DII support for this level of selling of FII.
The US futures and the Asian markets are up. So I may get my target today in the options which I have bought. Let's see.