Trade setup for the day

Yesterday was a crude day. Yemen's drone strike on Saudi's Aramco caused the oil production facility to reduce oil production by 5 million barrel. Now there is a blame game between Iran and Saudi.
Increase in oil is a piece of bad news for India. There might be economic slowdown due to this.
Those who had crude options CE made tons of money in yesterday's rise. The rise in crude will definitely push the stock market down. The RBI governor says that 5% GDP was a surprise.


  1. Drone attacks by countries are some kind of unexpected events. So I bought some puts on the positions which I had to protect myself from the fall.
  2. Will add more legs to the positions which I have if the fall continues.
  3. I have sold 11200 ce for this month.
  1. The crude rise has made an impact on all markets. 
  2. The US markets closed lower where Nasdaq and dow lost almost 0.5%
  3. European markets also closed lower and the major indices lost around 1%
  4. Today morning the Asian markets are also weak. The SGX is suggesting that the start will be flat to negative
  1. The FII had just changed their mind to buy but now the drone attack has again made them sell. Now making them buyers will take another major event. Let's see when they will buy.
  2. Yesterday FII have sold 751cr and DII bought for 308 cr
  1. Crude is now at $67 a barrel. Yesterday in a single day it surges by 12%
  2.  Some time back I had told that the oil-producing countries are not happy with the oil price falling. Some time back they were enjoying $75-$80 a barrel and now it was around $60. The only way to increase the oil price is by increasing or increase the tension in the world. The consumption was not happening so the only way is to increase the tension which was achived by a drone attack.