Trade setup for the day

On Friday we had a massive rally which I had not seen in my lifetime. Nifty rocketed more than 500 points and banknifty rocketed more than 2000 points. The finance minister reduced the corporate tax from 30% to 22% and various measures for boosting the economy.
Many traders made a wonderful profit on Friday. Yesterday we had modi talk to more than 50000 audiences in the USA. The message was clear. He told all foreigners/NRI to invest heavily in India. He openly criticised Pak for promoting terrorism.
I feel the market rally will continue and we may break all-time high by this year-end. Many are telling me that the govt is not doing anything to farmers., auto demand won't improve. For all those, I can say that they can short the market and we will go long :)
Today it is going to be HOWDY NIFTY.


  1. Friday was a good day. I made a number of trades and was able to do around 2 lakh in the intraday profit. 
  2. I bought some nifty and banknifty calls for oct series. Now I am really bullish.
  3. Will add more to my positions as things improve.
  1. Forget international market movement for this week. It doesn't matter what international market does. We have our own things to rally.
  2. If FII participates and starts buying, then 12000 by oct will not be a challenge.
  3. SGX is already suggesting that we will go up by 100+ today. Let's see.
  1. I was expecting FII to be back on Friday but surprisingly there was no FII participation. It was purely DII play.
  2. FII bought for 35cr and DII bought for 3000 cr
  3. We still have FII shorts to be covered. Will that happen today??
  1. $ is at Rs 70.94. 
  2. Crude is at $64. There is no signs of crude moving up unless some unexpected thing happens. 

The stage is set for INDIA. I don't think we will fall more. There might be some turbulences. So get into the rally.