Trade setup for the day

Yesterday was a good expiry day. Was able to make 1lak 30 thousand odd profit in a silent expiry. There were some minor turbulences but overall I would say it was a silent expiry as the violent expiry move was not seen. Yesterday was the expiry where STT is only on the intrinsic value of ITM options. So the option discount was also not seen in the last half an hour. Again I missed updating the blog due to Ganesh puja. Today is the last day where there will be visarjan. Will create a post today. So I will be bust today as well.

Coming to markets, now Indian retailers and DII have started to move on with FII. FII continue to sell but DII are giving good support.


  1. Yesterday I was full-on expiry trades. 
  2. I am still carrying my 11000ce for sept. Currently, it is in the mild loss as I had hedged buy buying few puts as well. Let's see. Will add more legs if needed.

  1. Yesterday the US markets closed in green. Nasdaq gained 1.75% and dow gained 1.4%
  2. European markets also gained around 1% except for FTSE.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in green. Hangseng is leading as they are cheering for the revoking of their extradition bill.
  4. SGX suggest that we will open in green.
  1. FII's are now adament. They have decided to sell no matter what.
  2. Yesterday FII sold for 561cr and DII have bought for 699cr.
  1. $ is now trading at 71.84 
  2. Crude is now trading at $61 per barrel.