Trade setup for the day

Today is a new week. There seems to new no new known bad news. We may cross 11000 this week if all things facilitate.
Last week was a good week. We moved from the lows due to short covering. We had chandrayan-2 which was almost successful. Now I saw the news that the lander has been found and ISRO is trying to establish communication with that. We still have 13 more days. Let's hope for the best.
Coming to markets, the US jobs data was a little disappointing. The Chinese macro data was also not good. But these things were expected and I feel the markets have factored these things.


  1. I am expecting a GST rate cut for auto on Sept 20 when the council meets. So I am gradually buying auto stocks.
  2. One can buy options in auto stocks. But I am not comfortable in that. So will not be executing that.
  1. On Friday, the US markets closed flat. 
  2. European markets also closed in a flat zone.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are also silent. SGX suggests that there won't be a big bang for now. 
  1. Crude is now trading at 62. Saudi had a new oil minister. But the OPEC rules and policies may not change. 
  2. $ is now at 71.72
  3. So currently the rise in crude and Rs depreciation is not a good sign for our economy.
  1. On friday FII sold for 957cr and DII bought for 1207cr