Expiry trade setup for 24th October

Yesterday was another volatile day. Markets fell, then came to green, again fell and finally managed to close in the green. Today is the expiry and we have a major event today. We have the election result of Maharashtra and Haryana. Exit polls suggest that BJP will be the majority in all. India's ease of doing business has improved as per the world ranking.


  1. Yesterday I did some intraday short in nifty futures. Was able to get around 35 point profit. I had put square-off trade for 50 points. Not sure why that was not executed. I see that my target had reached in the charts.
  2. I closed some of my positional trades yesterday as we have an event today.
  3. Will execute more trades after the event today. May be in the second half. Also will do expiry trade today in the second half.
  1. Yesterday the US markets were flat. 
  2. Now Chinese are moving towards homegrown brands and therby boycotting the US brands. 
  3. The US thought that by trade sanctions, they will pressurize the Chinese but they decided to move on without the US. 
  4. European markets were mixed with FTSE and DAX closing in green but the CAC was flat.
  5. Today morning the asian markets are in th green. SGX suggests that we may open in the flat zone.
  1. Yesterday both FII and DII were net sellers.
  2. FII sold for 213cr and DII sold for 137cr.
  1. Banknifty has highest OI in 30000 ce and 29000 pe.
  2. Nifty has highest OI at 11700ce and 11600pe
  3. Max pain is at 11600 and 29400