Trade setup for 15th october

Yesterday it looked to be a trending day. But last hour fall was drastic and we lost almost 70% what we gained. Nifty moved from 11300 to 11400 and fell to 11329 to close. Similarly, banknifty also fell from 28000 to 28500 and then fell to 28177 to close. Nowadays it is very difficult to identify the trend as markets do not give you time to react when trends reverse. This is expected as vix is also around 17.5.
Indian origin Abhijit Banerjee won the Nobel prize. 


  1. I started some intraday trades yesterday. Till 2:30, I had a profit of 10 thousand. I did not cut and the profit fell to 4 thousand in the last hour. 
  2. I was bullish as the day began and I sold some 11200pe and 27500pe. I was not confident of carrying these positionally, so I exited with the minor profit. 
  3. For positionally, I am carrying TATA motors pe ratio spread. +3xTATAMOTORS105PE, -10xTATAMOTORS100pe
  4. I bought bajajfinance 3800 pe. I feel it has gone up a lot. There might be some fall. Previously I had sold PE. I will take delivery if it comes there. In fact, I will be happy if that happens.
  1. US-China phase 1 talks begin and China wants another round to come to an agreement.
  2. The US markets closed in the flat after mixed reaction of US and China trade talks.
  3. European markets were down as there was some speculation on them after trade talks.
  4. Today the Asian markets is slightly positive. Nikkei is up by a per cent. SGX suggests that we may open in a positive note.
  1. Finally, FII have started to buy in our market. Yesterday they bought for 895cr and DII have sold for 425cr.
  1. Crude is again within $60. This is a piece of good news for us. 
  2. $ is not at 71.23
  3. The outcome of the trade talks will determine the movement of the above 2.
  1. Today we have ACC, karnataka bank and wipro announcing results. 
  2. Infy adr was down by 3% yesterday.