Trade setup for 10th Dec

  1. Yesterday was more of a flat day. A good day for option sellers. Nowadays the premiums are low due to vix. So there was not much fall in the premiums. 
  2. Nifty and banknifty has broken the 20DMA. We may move further down from here. 
  3. This is year-end and not much movement as all are busy in the Christmas and new year celebration and vacation. 
  4. The next big trigger will be pre-budget and budget rally. There is a high probability of hiking taxes on luxury vehicles and Cigarette. High-risk traders can short futures in ITC. 
  5. There is a lot of trouble in Hongkong. 
  6. Yesterday the CAB(citizen amendment bill) was passed in Lok sabha. 


  1. Yesterday, when markets fell in the morning some of my weekly expiry positions were in danger. I did some adjustments to counter that but then they are in a minor loss as markets recovered in the second half. But that is fine as the volumes are very low and I have many options to do
  2. Not much to do in the sideways market where the vix is also low. Better to go on a vacation now as sitting idle is difficult. When one loses patience they take unwanted trade.

  1. Yesterday, the US market closed in the red. Nasdaq and dow jones lost 0.4%
  2. European markets also closed in the red. 
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are flat. SGX also shows that we may open in the flat zone.
  1. Crude is now at 64.17
  2. $ is trading at 71.03
  1. Yesterday both the FII AND DII are buyers.
  2. FII bought for 460cr and DII bought for 74cr
  3. FII were selling all these days. We need more clarity if this buying will continue.