Trade setup for the 13th Dec

Yesterday was a cool expiry with not much volatility. But the premiums of the option was very low and trading was a little difficult. Today will be an interesting day as we have our big boy(Trump) tweet yesterday. Yesterday the world markets were down. Trump tweeted that he is close to a big deal with China. Within an hour, the US markets were up by 1%.
Tata motors is shotting due to brexit news. Metals are also shining. Now all the world seems to be in good mood. Suddenly, the market has again got into its upside rally. The small correction which happened seems to be over and 11800 looks like a strong support.
The US has removed the tariffs that was coming into effect on this Dec 15 in exchange for agricultural purchase from China.


  1. Yesterday was an expiry day. So no trades were taken. 
  2. Planning to take the below trade.
    1. Buy 3 x 11800pe
    2. Sell 5 x 11700pe
    3. Sell 5 x 11650pe
  1. One trump tweet can change the game. 
  2. US markets closed in green after the tweet. It was trading in red before that.
  3. European markets also closed in the green after the tweet.
  4. Today morning the Asian markets are also in the green. Nikkei is 2.5% up, HKG is 1.5%up. SGX suggests that we may also open in the green.
  1. Now this is interesting. FII have sold for 683cr and DII have bought for 810cr
  2. We need to wait and watch if this FII selling will be bought to get more confirmation.
  1. Crude is now at $64.67 
  2. $ is at 70.83