Trade setup for the 30th Dec

  1. We are in the last week of this year. We had a wonderful year for the stock market. Will give the highlights tomorrow as it will be the last day.
  2. On Friday, we had a wonderful run in the market.
  3. The markets are in the hands of the bull as of now. So, don't even think of shorting the market.
  4. The VIX is very low and this shows that we are in a stable uptrend. 
  5. The budget session may decide the next movement of the market.
  6. On Friday, the last half an hour proved that the bulls are planning to go big. The market closed at the high point of the day.
  7. Banks, oil marketting, telecom and the big boy Reliance helped the market to close higher.
  1. My trades are low and I may trade mostly in weekly expiry this and next week as I am planning a vacation and I don't want much pressure there.
  2. I have executed a call ratio spread in the monthly.
    1. +1 x Nifty11400ce
    2. -3 x Nifty 11450ce
    3. -3 x Nifty 11500ce
  3. I am adding shorts in ITC futures. I am expecting a hike in cigarettes and ITC to collapse. Now I have 4 lots. May add more as we near the budget.
  1. Its new year time and the world market is sober. Nothing happening in the world market. Everything is flat. No point mentioning individuals.
  2. The European markets are at its all time high.
  3. Today morning also, the Asian markets are flat. SGX also suggests that we may open flat.
  1. The volumes are really low. Even FII and DII are in the new year mood.
  2. On Friday, FII bought for 81cr and DII bought for 125 cr.
  1. Crude is trading at $68.27
  2. $ is at Rs 71.35