Trade setup for 4th dec

Yesterday was a day where we fell. Nifty fell 54 points and banknifty fell 258 points. Today there is a parliament meet where they may discuss the funds that may be given to real estate, insolvency etc. Tomorrow we have the RBI monetary policy. The economic slowdown may force them to reduce the rates further. Trump says that trade deal with China may not happen till the 2020 elections. This dec-15, US tariffs on China will kick in. So there may be some turbulences in the world market. Trump has also decided to impose a tariff on steel from the South Americas. So we saw a major cut in metal companies.


  1. Now my inclination to the bears is increasing. Now my bullish trades needs some counter trades. Will take aggressive trades if 20 DMA is broken.
  2. + 11900pe x 1. 
  3. Short banknifty futures. 
  4. Yesterday I got a false signal on the charts and I went long in banknifty futures. Immediately I closed with minor loss and went short. Banknifty fell and I was able to make around 1300 profit for the end of the day. 
  5. The call spreads which I had some time back is in good shape.
  1. Obviously when Trump tweets, there will be turbulences. Yesterday the US market fell by 1%.
  2. The European markets also fell by 1%
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are also down by 1%. SGX shows that we may fall by 40 points.
  1. Now FII has started selling. They started selling from the day GDP data came out. Are they losing confidence in India growth story??
  2. Yesterday FII sold for 1131cr and DII bought for 963cr
  3. Now let's see if bears get the grip of the market. 
  1. Crude is now at 61.19
  2. $ is at 71.66