Trade setup for the day 6th Dec

Yesterday was a good expiry day. But it was not as easy as normal. I had to do a lot of adjustment and risky trades to stay in the green. By noon I was in the loss of 40 thousand. By the end of the day, I was able to make a profit of 1.4lak. Yesterday there was RBI policy and the market expected a rate cut of 25BPS but RBI kept the rates unchanged. This angered the markets and we saw huge selling after that. Luckily 12000 was not broken and nifty closed at the low point of the day.
Banknifty fell 450 points from day's high after the policy.


  1. Yesterday, I did not think much about my positional trades as I was fully busy with the expiry trades.

  1. The world market seems to be in a sleeping mode. 
  2. Today we have the OPEC meeting ending in Vienna. Crude movement may decide further course of the stock market.  
  3. Yesterday the US markets closed in the flat zone. 
  4. European markets closed in the red. FTSE and DAX lost around 0.6%.
  5. Today morning the Asian markets are in the green.SGX suggests that we may open flat to positive.
  1. $ is at 71.28
  2. Crude is at 63.25
  1. Now, this is interesting. I expected FII to be net sellers yesterday. But no, they were net buyers.
  2. FII bought for 650cr and DII sold for 410cr.