Trade setup for the day

  1. Yesterday was a wonderful day. I did not expect such a huge movement on an expiry day. Nifty gained 100 points and banknifty gained 340 points. All sectors contributed including  Autos, Banks, metals.
  2. Yesterday was a low premium expiry and it was a clear trending day. Nifty closed at almost the high point of the day. We are short by 10 to 15 points from the all-time high. 
  3. Yesterday we got the news that the Iranian general is killed in the US airstrikes. Crude has shot up 4%. Yesterday night, SGX suggested that we may open at an all-time high. But that may not happen now.
  4. Rakesh jhunjhunwala buys IIFL securities.
  1. Yesterday, I had bought Ultratech cement in futures as a positional trade. Within 10 min I was in a profit of 7thousand, so I closed it. If I had kept it till evening, I would have made 16 thousand. But there is a IF here. Anyway, I am happy with the profit. It is easy to say that you should run your profits but not that easy to implement them.
  2. I will be trading in weekly expiry only for another 2 weeks as I will be on a vacation from 9th. I don't want to spoil that by carrying risky positions.
  3. Planing for a call ratio spread in nifty today.
    1. +1x nifty 12350 ce
    2. -1x nifty 12400 ce
    3. -1x nifty 12450 ce
    4. -1x nifty 12500 ce
  1. Yesterday, the US markets shot up and closed with a gain of more than a per cent.
  2. European markets also closed in the green and the major indices gained more than a per cent to close.
  3. Because of Iranian killing, the Asian markets are in the red. SGX suggest that we may open in the red and the all-time high may not happen immediately.
  4. Now SGX suggests that we may open with 33 points lower
  1. Crude shot up 4% due to the international news. Brent is now trading at $68.59
  2. $ is now at 71.37
  1. Yesterday FII bought for 688cr and DII bought for 68cr.
  2. Today their trade will be interesting.