Trade setup for the day

  1. Now markets have changed from buy on dips to sell on rally. 
  2. All bad news are stacked to hit one by one.
  3. Yesterday Iran sent rockets to US camps in Iraq. So crude shot up immediately and brent is now above $70.
  4. Gold at 7 year high rates.
  5. We have GDP forecast which is down.
  6. The US futures markets fell 2% as soon as the news came that Iran has shot the US camps. 
  7. The best part is Trump has not tweeted anything on this. What does this mean???
  1. It's usually the fear that we need to buy. I am now sitting on cash for this to settle. Let's see. I will be buying quality stocks for the long term. That may not come today or tomorrow. I will be entering in phases.
  2. I had executed the butterfly yesterday. It will be in loss today as we may have a gap down. Since loss is defined, I do not worry about these trades.
  3. Some of my trades will be loss today. I should do some counter trades to protect them. 
  4. I will not be doing any panic trades. Will wait for 1 to 2 hrs to see how the market will settle.
  1. Yesterday the US markets were quiet as the Iran news came after the market. The US futures markets have an impact. It is down by more than a per cent now. 
  2. Same was the case with the European markets. It ended flat.
  3. Today morning all Asian markets are down more than a percent.
  4. But, Trump had not tweeted from the incident. Now he tweeted that all seems to be well. So there is recovery in all the markets.
  1. Yesterday FII sold for 680cr and DII bought for 311 cr.
  2. The FII are not selling heavily as expected. So that is the good news.
  1. Crude had crossed 70+ and was close to 71 when yesterday Iran attacked US camps. Now it is back to $69.50
  2. $ is at Rs 71.83