Trade setup for the day

We had a wonderful fall on Saturday. The budget did not provide the necessary stimulus to the market. I expected that the budget would be slightly good and markets would close in the green. But that did not happen. I did not have any major trade before the budget. I had closed almost all my positions before that. I had sold ITC futures and I was pyramiding from then. I closed all the positions in wonderful profit before its result. I wish I had carried that to budget. I would have made my 3-4 month profit in a single day. Anyway, no worries. I am happy with the current profit (telling this to console myself )

The insurance companies are affected by the budget. FMCG like ITC and HUL did not get much as the income tax slabs may not give much to people's pocket to spend. There was a huge hope and expectation which did not happen. Along with that, the Corona fears in the international market added fuel to the selling.


  1. I executed many trades in the second half of the budget day. Most of the positions were on the down side. 
  2. I have executed the call spread in nifty and banknifty. 
    1. +nifty 11500pe x 1
    2. -nifty 11400pe x 1
    3. -nifty 11350pe x 1
    4. -nifty 11300pe x 1
    5. +banknifty 29500pe x 1
    6. -banknifty 29400pe x 1
    7. -banknifty 29300pe x 1
    8. -banknifty 29200pe x 1
  3. I have also executed the put spread in nifty and banknifty
    1. +nifty 11700ce x 1
    2. -nifty 11800ce x 1
    3. -nifty 11850ce x 1
    4. -nifty 11900ce x 1
    5. +banknifty 30000ce x 1
    6. -banknifty 30100ce x 1
    7. -banknifty 30200ce x 1
    8. -banknifty 30300ce x 1
  4. I am long on nifty futures. Will do adjustment if 11500 is broken.

  1. China market opened and the Shanghai Index is just 8% down. Yesterday the China bank told that they will infuse 170 billion. Even after that, there was a massive fall. 
  2. As of now, there is no recovery in the market. 
  3. The Asian markets are down too. Nikkei is down by a per cent, Hong kong is also down.
  4. SGX is slightly higher than the nifty future close price on Saturday. If recovery does not come then we may have more fall.
  5. The US and European futures are in the green. We can expect a up rally in the second half today.
CRUDE and$
  1. Crude is at $56. This is the wonderful news and the only positive news. 
  2. $ is at Rs 71.34
  1. Seeing the fall on Saturday, I expected FII to have sold more than 3000cr. But surprisingly the selling was not much by them. They sold for only 1200cr. Today's activity will decide the further movement.
  2. DII bought for 36cr