Expiry trade setup for 1st april

We are beginning a new financial year and today is the first weekly expiry of the financial year. Hope this financial year will be positive for all traders.
The carona cases have now crossed 8lakh. India's cases now stand at 1400.
New York cases surge more than Wuhan number. Now the US, Italy and Spain lead the carona chart.
Coming to markets, yesterday was a good day. We surged and closed in the green. Now China's manufacturing is slowly resuming which is giving hopes. Trump told that they will have to prepare for the worst 2 weeks as cases arise. Dow and Nasdaq fell and closed in the red. Dow lost around 400 points. The best part is that the VIX is falling. Yesterday it was close to a 10% fall.
China manufacturing PMI at 50 whereas the forecast was close to 40.


  1. I had sold some of the PE day before yesterday. Yesterday itself the overall was in profit. Maruti and IndusInd bank was in a minor loss but I am confident that it will recover.
  2. I have executed butterfly for today's expiry. I have also sold some of the deep OTM ce and pe. 
  3. We may not get enough support from the broker today as well due to lockdown and less staff with them.

Today morning the Asian markets opened in red but it is off its low. Sgx suggests that we may have a flat opening. Tomorrow is a holiday and people may not carry many positions for tonight.
Dow futures are also in red. 

  1. Crude is now around $26. It is slightly inching higher. It had come down to $23.
  2. $ is at Rs 75.55. This $ rate is beneficial for the IT, pharma and other exporting industries.
  1. This is a little shocking. I expected FII to be buyers yesterday but they sold for 3000cr and DII have bought for 3500cr
  2. The reversal may not be possible as long as FII are net sellers. 
  3. At this rate, FII will be totally out of the Indian market in some time. 
  1. We don't have anything to look for. We just follow the US and the European market. 
  2. In this high Vix market, it is difficult to predict ranges. 
  3. Nifty may move +-400 points and Banknifty may move +-1000 points.