Trade setup for 16th march

It had been some time since I wrote a blog as I was busy with many things.  Coming to markets

  1. On Friday, we had a lower circuit which was hit. Markets were closed for 45 min and market gained all the loses and closed in green. I wonder who the buyers are who took the market from -10% to positive.
  2. Excise duty hiked for petrol and diesel by Rs 3 per lt
  3. US fed reduces the rate to 0 till things stabilize. This was exected. They have also provided $700 billion as a stimulus.
  4. Even after fed rate cut, the US futures are down.
  5. Now yes bank shareholders cannot sell more than 25% of their holding for a lock period of 3 years. The Yes bank now has a lot of banks who are now interested in buying stake.
  6. Today SBI card ipo lists. Lets see if it opens below ipo price.
  7. There are new cases in countries like Iran, Italy US etc and the death rates are also sightly increasing day by day. The death toll increased rapidly in various countries.
  1. Now I am keeping my volumes low. I am expecting the VIX to reduce gradually as many countries are playing aggressively to counter carona effect.
  2. It is better to execute ratio spreads in this high vix environment.
  3. I am adding gradually to by long time portfolio.
  4. I prefer not to mention my trades as I may change things rapidly in this volatile environment. For new traders, I would suggest them to stay away from this market as it might be risky.
  1. On Friday, the US markets closed in green as there was hope from fed. But the US futures fell when the fed did react as expected as well.
  2. Bank of japan is setting an emergency meeting to stabilize markets.
  3. China's industrial output falls by 13%
  4. Today morning the Asian markets are in deep red again. 
  5. SGX now tells that we will open with a cut of 400 points
  1. FII sold 6027.58 cr and DII bought 5867.9cr. 
  2. So the FII selling is not stopped yet.
  1. Crude has fallen a lot. Now Brent is trading at $32.92
  2. $ is now trading at Rs 73.74