Trade setup for 20th march

Yesterday was another bad day. But there is some hope today. Maybe we are somewhere near the bottom. But do not enter in huge till things are confirmed. Wait till vix is below 30.
Still, FII's are selling in huge quantities. Yesterday the PM came out and asked people to stay calm during these tough times. There will be an economic task force set up today. Over the weekend there is a pressure in the US for an economic stimulus. So today there might be some hope rally and the shorts which are there will come for covering as they do not carry those trades for the weekend and carry the risk.


  1. Yesterday I thought I would not do expiry trade, but I got some opportunity in the second half and I traded with very small volume.
  2. I have not taken any fresh trade for a long time. It is just managing my existing trades and portfolio.
  1. Yesterday the Dow opened in deep red and closed in green. 
  2. European markets were volatile. They also closed in the green and gained almost 2%
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in green. 
  4. SGX suggests that we may have a pretty good start.
  1. Crude is still within $30
  2. $ has now become Rs75. Yesterday there was a fall in the Indian rupee. This is the record low for INR.
  1. FII are still sellers. They have sold for 4600cr and DII have bought for 4000cr.
  2. There is not much chance for the market to reverse till FII start fresh buying.