Trade setup for the day

Now there is absolute panic in the world market. The OPEC and Russia did not work as expected and Saudi has slashed oil prices and we saw crude oil fall 21% in one day. Now brent is close to $35 per barrel.
Now we are at the point before the corporate tax cut. If any magic happens, it should happen now else the fall can be crucial.
Everything is a chain. Fall in crude will trigger changes in other industries as well and there will be a tandem fall. Carona has started the trigger and now other factors are continuing the downfall.
We started with Carona, then yes bank joined. Now Crude oil also joined the party.
Now SBI is now planning to invest in yes bank. On Friday, Yes bank fell close to 60%.
Now Carona is slightly spreading its wings. We had 3 deaths in the UK and I do not know if cases are not registered in India or we are just lucky.
The VIX is now 25+. During lok sabha elections, we reached around 32. Let's see if we can beat that. I feel that the volatility is more now than elections time because there is huge fear in the market currently.
Last week I just got a 6th sense that markets may not fall from here. I was totally wrong. Crude has now changed the game.
Today nifty and banknifty RSI may be below 20. 
Now ED has arrested Rana kapoor. I wonder what were they doing all these months.


  1. Japan's GDP forcast is -7% and that triggered 5% fall in nikkei markets. Nikkei fell 1000 points.
  2. Dow futures are down 1000 points due to oil war.
  3. Asian markets are down due to huge selling. Hongkong close to 3%. China close to 1.5%
  4. SGX suggests that we will have a bad start. 300+ points down is what it is suggesting.
  1. Crude is now $34. This is 24% fall. 
  2. $ is close to Rs 74


  1. On Friday, FII sold 3600cr and DII bought for 2500cr.
  2. FII is selling in the entire world.