Trade setup for 15th May

  1. Yesterday FM came with another press meet at 4PM. This time it was for urban poor and migrant labours. From a stock trading point of view, there was nothing. So stock markets will not react like it did yesterday and dey before yesterday. 
  2. Now we have lost most of the rally that we gained by the Rs 20 lakh cr package. Don't look for reasons why the market fell even after such a good package. Not only us, even the most developed markets like US, Japan have fallen after stimulus was given. Markets are like that. There are many situations where markets have fallen for good news and markets have gone up for bad news. 
  3. Globally markets are collapsing fearing the 2nd phase of the COVID infection. The China-US relations are slightly worsening, so even that has caused for a fall.
  4. Reliance is now falling after a massive run in last one month. My spread which was done sometime back is in a good profit for now. 
  1. Yesterday I was busy in the expiry trade. So did not concentrate on the positional trades. Was able to make a profit of 1.2 lakh 
  2. I traded in futures in a different account and was able to make 4k. I have updated my blog also with the trades. I also gave what I did in telegram as well. I will be trading in my Zerodha account from Monday for these trades as it has good UI and easy to track.
  3. This weekend I will be doing a video on earning trade for bajajfinance. 
  1. Yesterday the US markets opened in red but closed in the green. The tech stocks rallied. 
  2. European markets closed in the red.
  3. Today Asian markets are mixed. SGX suggests that we will open in the flat territory.
  1. Again FII have started selling. They sold 2150cr and DII bought for 800cr.
  2. The FII selling has to go down if we have to go up. 
  1. Crude is at $31 and is slowly inching higher. So the consumption is slowly coming back to the markets.
  2. $ is at Rs 75.56