Trade setup for 1st June

  1. Now suddenly it looks like COVID, Shovid is not having any impact on us. The Economies are opening up. All sectors with the exception of few are operating globally. 
  2. We had the GDP data which came and it was better than the expected number. This was the worst GDP in 11 years but the markets had priced in all this. It was expected that the GDP would be bad. 
  3. In the US, there was a clash between the police and public who took to the streets after a murder in the police custody. It's a small issue which markets will ignore. 
  4. The US is prepared to revoke the special status given to the HongKong.
  5. We are now having a liquidity-driven rally. I won't be surprised if we are above 10k this month. 
  6. Most of my trades are bullish and I think I will be in wonderful profit today itself. I will be adding more to the positions today.
  7. The US futures were down initially but they bounced back and are back in the green. So Asia is well in the green.

  1. Asia is up and green. SGX says we will have a gap up. 

  1. Buying today may not be a good idea as we have risen for 4 days continuously. In these situations, its the options which come to the rescue. 
  2. I will be selling puts aggressively in weekly and monthly expiry. 
  3. I had given a nifty strategy some time back. That will be in wonderful profit today as that was a bullish strategy.
  4. My bajaj finance is coming back. I had lost hopes in that. Let's see how it will do this month. I am planning to average it if it crosses 2000-2100 convincingly. 
  1. Now FII is coming back to Indian markets. This is a very good sign. On Friday, they bought for 1460cr and Dii bought for 1000cr.
  2. On addition, FII has more puts sold than calls. So this makes them bullish.
CRUDE and $
  1. Crude is at $35.8. There will not be a sudden rise in crude as demand is picking up gradually. So just watch this and make sure that it is not very volatile as it used to be.
  2. $ is at Rs 75.61. This will fall as economy improves.