Trade setup for 27th May

  1. Yesterday, we had a good gap up but we could not hold on and there was no follow-through. We gave up most of the gains and we closed in the flat terrain.
  2. Tomorrow is expiry and we may have a volatile day today as many will be playing for the mini expiry trades. 
  3. The US and China tension mildly escalate as the US threatened to imply sanctions on China. 
  4. The US markets are in the green as there is a vaccine hope for the Covid19 and economy opening up. S&P is now above 3000 for the first time from March.
  5. Till now all central banks have pledged around $9 trillion for this Covid crisis. 
  6. European banks are expected to give a stimulus package. 
  7. Bharti promoters have sold their stake in a block deal. 
  8. Now many rating agencies have lowered the growth forecast for India. 
  9. There is also locust fear now in various areas in north India. So the agriculture in these areas are badly affected. 

  1. All my portfolio is in green now but the one stock which is bleeding every day is Bajaj finance. 
  2. I never thought it will come below 3k. Then I thought it will not come below 2.5k. Now it is at 1800 odd. Now I think that this will not start moving up until moratorium is over and the economy starts picking up with spending improving on luxuries from essentials.
  3. For tomorrow expiry, I am doing butterfly's in the second half. 
  4. Yesterday I implemented the below strategy
    1. 9100pe X 1
    2. 9000pe X -2
    3. 8900pe X -2
  5. In banknifty
    1. 17500ce X 1
    2. 18000ce X -2
    3. 18300ce X -2
  1. Yesterday the US markets were in the green.
  2. European markets are also in the green. 
  3. Today morning Asia opened in green but now they are at a flat. Hongkong opened in green but is now in the red as they have their own issues.
  4. SGX suggests that we open in the flat zone.
  1. Yesterday the FII have bought for 4700cr and DII also bought for 2840cr. This also includes the bharti deal of around 4700 cr
  2. But in the FNO space, the FII are having more shorts than longs.
  1. Crude is around $35
  2. $ is at Rs 75