Trade setup for 29th May

  1. Yesterday was a wonderful trending day for the markets. There was not much volatility which was expected on expiry day. I was able to make around 2.5 lak profit as the trend was clear. 
  2. Now there is some problem in the India and China border. The issue might not escalate if we both resolve it among ourself. If a 3rd party country like US interferes then there may be some escalations.
  3. The Locust is now affecting agriculture in many states. 
  4. China has passed the Hongkong national security bill. It was expected that this would be passed in China.
  5. Now Trump has told that today he will tell about the moves which he will make against China.
  6. Trump has also signed executive order for censoring the social media's after Twitter fact-checked him.
  7. Wipro has brought capgemini COO to manage its operation. 

  1. We are starting a new expiry. We fell in feb and march. We recovered sharply in april. May was a consolodation month. We did not gain or lose much in may. I am expecting the same consolidation to go forward for this month as well provided there is no trade wars between China and US. So I am executing the below strategy today
    1. +1x9000PE
    2. +1x10200CE
    3. +3x7000PE
    4. +3x11000CE
    5. -1x9600PE
    6. -1x8500PE
    7. -2x8800PE
    8. -3x10400CE
    9. -1x9600CE
  2. I am analyzing some stocks to buy for long term. Will update as I do that. I am looking for midcaps as my investment is small, so I want to take a slightly riskier bet.
  1. All are waiting for Trumps action on Hongkong 
  2. US snapped its 3 day winning streak.
  3. Europe closed in green
  4. Today morning the Asia is in red. SGX shows that we may open in red.
Yesterday FII have bought for 2350cr and DII have bought for 144cr.