Trade setup for 4th may

  1. The may series seems to open on a negative note.
  2. Markets have moved too much in a short time. It has moved more than 800 points in the last 6 trading sessions. 
  3. Reliance came out with earning on Thursday and it was as expected. 
  4. The right issue is at 1250 per share. Now another company called silverlake is investing Reliance jio.
  5. HUL results were good but not as per market expectations. So that might be in pressure.
  6. I did a youtube video on how to trade in these volatile times. The sound quality was really bad. I deeply apologize for that. I am happy that I got some views. I will be doing more videos on more strategies going forward.

  1. The global markets are down. The US futures are also down.
  2. We are going to start the may series in a negative tone.
  1. FII bought for 1969cr and DII bought for 579cr