Trade setup for 5th may

  1. Yesterday was a blood bath in our markets. Nifty fell 500+ points and banknifty fell 1800 points. Again the vix is above 40. The entire globe was down. Not the effect of the virus is likely to be seen. 
  2. Yesterday, Gilead CEO told that he is ready to donate the entire set of tablets for carona patients. 
  3. Now slowly many countries are opening the economy. That can be seen in the oil price rising. India has stored 31 million tonne of oil in refinery.
  4.  In India, the liquor stores were opened yesterday and that caused some happiness and chaos in the streets. Now this oil and crude oil prices, both are surging. 
  5. Many brokerages now feel that the bad is there but the worst is over.
  6. Now SilverLake has invested 5000 cr into Rel-jio. The price which it paid was more than what facebook paid.
  7. Yesterday, Warren buffet told that he sold airline shares and does not see the future in them. So most of the airline stocks fell yesterday in the US markets.
  8. Theatres open in texas with 25% capacity.


  1. My trade on put spread is going on well. I am planning to keep this for some more days so that VIX comes down and my profit improves.
  2. Yesterday I had some banknifty futures and was able to capture 100 points profit.
  3. Tomorrow is yes bank results. I am executing a strategy and will be doing a video on this. Please do watch.
  1. Yesterday, the US opened weakly but there was a minor gain in the last hour. The tech stocks rallied and that's why Nasdaq gained but dow was flat. 
  2. European markets closed negatively.
  3. Today morning the Asia is in green and SGX suggest that we will have a gap up. 
  1. Crude is now trading at $28
  2. $ is at Rs 75.71
  1. Yesterday both FII and DII sold in competition.
  2. Fii sold for 1373cr and DI sold for 1661cr. I expected DII to provide support but no, they added fuel to fire.