Expiry day setup for 25th June

  1. Now markets are turning around. Now Carona is again coming back. That's how volatility affects the markets. Till now everyone knew that things were bad but still markets were going up with the hopes of reopening the economy. But now the hopes are slowly going down as many new cases are emerging and there is a possibility of another shutdown. Another 2 days of market fall, people will tell that 7500 is a possibility. That's what I was thinking because capital markets cannot go up for a long time with crude and gold prices also rising. Now, these things will factor in. Now do not expect 7000 or anything. Markets have rallied a lot from 9000 to 10500 in short span. So there will be some retracement. I do not think that Carona has enough power now to scare the bulls. 
  2. Yesterday there was a selloff in the markets. The markets opened with a 50 point gap up but closed with a 160 point lower. 
  3. IMF has cut India's growth prediction as they feel that lockdown was more than expected and recovery was slower than expected.
  4. Crude is falling and that shows that the consumption is going down and the virus fear is gripping.

  1. I closed some of my Reliance ce spreads in minor loss and added more positions to the next month options which I shared some time back.
  2. I had sold bajfinance around 2900. I will enter again in this month when I am comfortable.
  3. I am keeping an eye on many stocks now as I may get an opportunity to enter. PVR, bajaj twins, mauti are some of them.
  4. In options trading, I have executed some Iron condors and butterfly's.
  1. The US markets fell. Dow lost around 700+ points. The Nasdaq broke its gaining streak. 
  2. European markets fell close to 2-3%
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are also in deep red. SGX shows 135 points cut.
  4. Many asian markets are shut today due to a festival.
  1. Yesterday the FII was long in cash markets. This was really surprising. I thought that they would have sold. They bought for 1766cr. But in the FNO market, they have bought huge puts as they feel that there will be jittery in the market.
  2. DII have sold for 1524cr
  1. Crude fell 6% overnight due to virus fears. But in India, petrol and diesel prices are going up every day.
  2. Crude is still above $40
  3. $ is at Rs 75+
  1. Nifty has the highest OI at 10000pe and 10500ce.
  2. Banknifty has highest OI at 22500ce and 21000pe
  3. In these volatile markets, max pain theories never work. So no point discussing these.
  4. Nifty may range from 10000 to 10200 and banknifty may range from 21000 to 22000