Trade setup for 29th June

  1. Now the bad news is gripping the market. The Carona is back. The cases in India is increasing at a very high rate. We are in 4th place in the world for now. Now there is a rumour that there will be a second lockdown in the country. The US is also thinking of another lockdown. There are record surge in cases of carona in both India and the US.
  2. Now China holds Indian products at its ports. This is retaliation for what we did.
  3. Coming to markets, it looks like we are going to break the upmove for some time now. Dont expect 7500 again. That might not happen. As we have rallied a lot in a short time, I am expecting this expiry to be on the downside, though not by much.
  4. Now the petrol and diesel prices are increased everyday. Now both are almost same. 
  5. The funny part is Pakistan increased the price by Rs 25 in one shot which has triggered anger among the people there. :)
  6. ITC came with results and the results were as expected. It has declared a dividend of Rs 10. 

  1. I have executed the below strategy for the December series
    1.  +2 X nifty 10000ce
    2.  -1 X nifty 9500ce
    3.  -3 X nifty 8500pe
    4. -3 X nifty 10500pe
  2. I have executed the below strategy in weekly and monthly expiry
    1. -1 X nifty 10400ce
    2. +1 X nifty 10600ce
  3. On Friday, I traded on nifty futures and was able to catch the trend and ended the day with a profit of Rs 4500
  1. The US markets are down by more than 2% on Friday. The Carona fears have gripped the markets there as well.
  2. Europe also closed in the red.
  3. The Asian markets are in red today. SGX shows that we will have a gap down.
  1. FII have bought for 753cr and DII have sold for 1304 cr
  2. I dont think FII will enter during uncertain times. So this can be a good indicator to see if the markets have turned.
  1. Crude is now falling again as there is a fear that the consumption may fall due to the virus. Crude is now at $40. I will consider $37 as the level. Below that will show that there is some problem.
  2. $ is at 75.64