Trade setup for 28th July

  1. Yesterday the markets fell and the major draggers were the bank. HDFC bank fell as there was a news that Aditya Puri sold shares worth 800+cr in HDFC bank. ICICI bank was another dragged after it came out with its results. 
  2. However, Reliance and IT has pulled the markets higher. Reliance did make another high. Now it is rallied continuously for 7 days. 
  3. There is a rumour in the market that exchanges are coming out with DMA(direct market access) to retailers which means that there will not be any brokers. Anyway, this might not be so easy to implement but you never know what is going on in SEBI's mind. 
  4. The Yesbank FPO has proved to a disaster. This is what happens when you go behind cheap things. 
  5. Yesterday the Techm came out with wonderful results so today this might be in focus. 
  6. The FED is meeting today for a 1 trillion dollar carona relief. The US markets are going up due to this. 
  7. We have nestley coming up with the result and there is a huge expectation that the results are going to be good.
  8. Gold and silver is going up and up. Every day there is a huge surge in these precious metals. Yesterday it was Silver's day as it shot up Rs 3000. 

  1. I have done one leg of the iron condor in banknifty. Will be executing the other leg probably today.
    1. 23000ce X -1
    2. 23500ce X 1 
  2. I am doing some adjustment to the Reliance trades and the Infosys trades. I am planning to close both of them by today as we have Reliance results on Thursday and FED trillion dollar package. 
  1. The US markets are in great hope that there will be a stimulus package which will be released by FED later this week. So they are soaring higher and higher. Dow gained around 100+ yesterday. 
  2. European markets were flat
  3. Asian markets are higher for the day but they are off highs today.
  1. Yesterday both FII and DII have sold in the cash market. 
  2. FII sold for 450+cr and DII sold for 900+cr
  1. $ is now trading at Rs 74.83
  2. Crude is trading at $43.5