Trade setup for 12th August

Yesterday again the markets closed in the green. But there was some selling in the last half an hour. There is some positive for COVID as Russia seems to have found a solution and Putin told that he has implemented it on his daughter. 

June IIP data came out and it contracts 16% which seems to be better than the previous month. So there is some improvement in the economy.

Now all the banks which were raising funds via QIP seem to be over. Now we need to see if there is any upmove in banks or will it fall sharply as it has been weak.

Finally, gold started to fall. Yesterday it has fallen close to 5%. 

Nifty has closed in green for 6 consecutive days now. 

Banknifty and nifty were in divergence in the last hour. Nifty fell and banknifty went up. So, if nifty has to go up then banknifty should shot up from here. So 22500 should be crossed convincingly. 


  1. I have executed huge number of butterfly for this week and next week.
  2. I have executed the below strategy in the divis lab
    1. +1 X 3300 ce
    2. -2 X 3360 ce
  1. Gold and silver have created some kind of shakeout in the world market. 
  2. The US markets fell for obvious reasons which are gold and silver jittery
  3. The US markets closed in mild red. There was huge selling in the last hour.
  4. European markets however closed in green.
  5. Today morning the Asian markets are in red. 
  1. Yesterday FII have bought for 1000cr and DII have sold for 1400cr
  1. Crude is at $44+
  2. $ is at Rs 74.77