Trade setup for 5th July

  1. Let me begin by saying JAI SHREE RAM. Today is a historic day for all Indians. Finally, the day has come where the temple construction is set to begin. 
  2. Coming to the markets, the markets are again above 11000. It is a very volatile market these days. Gussing the moves is practically very difficult. 
  3. Shashi has been named as the new CEO of HDFC bank. So HDFC bank shot up 5%. 
  4. The surprising move was from Reliance. Not sure why Reliance shot up 7% without any news. Looks like mota bhai is set to do something which markets have found out. :)
  5. There was huge delivery buying as well in these 2 companies. So the rally might continue. 
  6. When reliance and HDFC bank rallies, other players become irrelevant for nifty and yesterday nifty shot up 200 points. The main reason was that the $ index fell. 
  7. The metals also have started gaining as consumption in China has improved.
  8. Gold and silver is shining day by day. Every day it is hitting a new high. 
  9. As I had predicted, Sun pharma and reddy labs have started moving.  

  1. I have executed many sets of butterfly for this weekly expiry.
  2. I added more to my sun pharma portfolio and the sun pharma pe which I sold is also in pretty good profit. 
  3. I will be doing below strategy on reliance today
    1. sell 2160 ce
    2. sell 2160 pe
    3. Will convert this to iron fly if there is a major movement.
  1. Apple is now a $2 trillion company. 
  2. The world markets are all flat. 
  3. Yesterday there was a massive blast in the port of Lebanon where 4000 are injured. Its still unclear if it is an attack or accident. 
  1. FII have bought for 700 cr and DII sold for 665cr
  2. Then I wonder who bought so much reliance and hdfc bank. Is it the retailers?? If that is the case then I don't want to be a part of this rally as it will be a trap for retailers.
CRUDE and $
  1. Crude is at $44.33
  2. $ is at Rs 75