Expiry day trade setup for 03 september


  1. Yesterday was another mild volatile day. Markets fell in the first half but there was some recovery in the second half. 
  2. There seems to be some tension at the Indo-China border. India has banned 118 Chinese apps including pubg which was a famous game among the teenage kids. India will soon stop importing some raw materials which will be used in pharma products. So today the pharma sector will be in focus. It looks like bulls will have a tough time till the 200DMA is crossed on the banknifty. Nifty is at 1000 points from its all-time high. The margin restriction imposed by SEBI has reduced the volumes drastically in the exchanges. It will be interesting to see how things will span from December after intraday leverages are removed for FNO as well. 


  1. I exited most of my butterfly trades as I was in good profit and I had some margin issue due to the confusion in pledging and unpledging.
  2. Vodafone-Idea stock is up 10% yesterday. I am still at a minor loss in this. Let's see how it will turn in the coming days. I will be releasing a video today as to why I am an investor in Vodafone-idea.
  3. Today I will be busy in expiry trades.
  1. The US markets are surging higher and higher. Dow crossed 29000 for the first time after the carona fall. Nasdaq gained another percent. 
  2. European markets also surge after Britain economy set for a recovery. 
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are mixed. Yesterday night the SGX was in the red. Today it has recovered and is now in the positive zone. 
  1. Crude is at $44.5
  2. $ is at Rs 73.02
  1. FII have again bought for 1000cr and DII have sold for 650cr.
  1. Nifty has the highest OI at 11700ce and 11400pe
  2. Banknifty has highest OI at 24500ce and 23000pe
  3. Nifty has a maxpain at 11500 and banknifty has a maxpain of 23800
  4. Nifty might range from 11400-11600
  5. Banknifty might range from 23000 to 24500