Trade setup for 04th sept

  1. Yesterday it was a good weekly expiry. It was a stable expiry. There was a slight jittery in the last hour. I was able to make around 1lak profit. 
  2. Now suddenly everyone has become negative from positive. Yesterday the US markets collapsed. Nasdaq lost 5% and Dow lost 3%. 
  3. Apple fell 8%. Tesla fell 10%. These are the big stocks which were rallying non-stop. Now there was worry about the huge valuations which is there for the tech stocks in the US. Now there is a doubt whether they will perform or not. 
  4. Today you have the US jobs data which is the most awaiting news. 
  5. Vodafone is in talks with other PE players to raise funds. Today they have a board meet to sell some assets. I have made a video day before yesterday when price was 10. I published it yesterday and the price has already shot up 30%. Now I am repenting why I invested so less. 
  6. Just before we thought that the bad was over and the volatility would end, it has started again. CBOE vix shot up 7%. There is no negative news. This looks like a pure profit booking. I believe that this fall should be used to enter. As we have rallied a lot, I would wait for few more days.


  1. US is badly hit. Nothing bad news which came. It was just profit booking and panic selling.
  2. European markets also fell but they did not fall like US. 
  3. Its obvious that today the Asian markets will open in red. Most of them are down around 1-1.5%. SGX suggests a gapdown.
  1. Surprisingly, both FII and DII have bought yesterday.
  2. FII were net flat and DII bought for 120cr
  1. $ is at Rs 73.47
  2. Crude is trading at $43.45
There might be some fall. As long as 11300 is held, I think markets will pick up. I will probably use this opportunity to buy in.